Spanish for Beginners – Learn From Basic Level

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If you want to start learning Spanish from the basic level, you’ve come to the right place! In this “Spanish for Beginners Course” Language Scoop teaches you in your comfort zone through live video classes and recorded sessions. Enroll now!

Spanish for Beginners

Who is this Course for?

The Spanish for beginners course is for absolute beginners and Kids. Anybody and everybody interested in learning the Spanish Language from the basics should join this course.


As this is an absolute beginner’s level, there is no need for any prerequisite proficiency skill in the Spanish Language. We start from scratch. You don’t need to buy any study material from the market, we provide study material complementary to this course.


  • This is a live and interactive course. During this course, You need to be connected to the internet (wifi/mobile data) all the time.
  • Our teachers run courses on high-speed internet. In case of connectivity issues, we provide recorded sessions for viewing later on.
  • Language Scoop is a platform where you study independently the course is available on Desktop/laptop/Windows/Mac/Android phones.

Mode of Spanish for beginners Course:

This is a time-bound live course that consists of a live, interactive session with the mentor. The schedule of sessions is given well in advance.

Course content:

  • Greetings (Saludos y despedidas)
  • Letters and words (El abecedario)
  • Pronunciation (the difference between accents of Spain and Latin America).
  • Insight of Spanish and Latin culture and Spanish speaking countries- geography, capital, history, etc.
  • Introduction (presentarse)- verbo- llamarse
  • Nationalities and countries (nacionalidades y países)
  • Professions (profesiones)
  • Verbs- ar, er and ir (los verbos regulares)
  • Verbo- ser y tener (la edad, la nacionalidad y la posesión)
  • General vocabulary (vocabulario cotidiano)
  • Numbers
  • Days of the week, months of the year, dates, and time.
  • Colors (colours)
  • Clothes (prenda de vestir)
  • Permissions and order in a restaurant.
  • Places and tourist places (Lugares)
  • Family and relationships
  • ser-estar-hay
  • Adjectives and adverbs (adjetivos y adverbios)
  • Physical features and description of a person-object
  • Grammar- gender, articles, conjugations, demonstratives, adjectives, and adverbs, etc.
  • Roleplay

Duration of the Spanish Course:

  • Total 45 Days
  • Duration of Class: 1 hr
  • Classes on alternate days

Limited Seats

Seats are limited: Maximum 8 seats per batch

Study Material

  • PDF Study Material
  • PDF home assignment
  • Online Practice Tests for revision

After Completing this Course:

  • After this course, you will be able to understand and speak basic Spanish
  • This course will work as a strong foundation for learning advanced language and clear international Spanish certifications.

Internal Certificate for Other Purposes:

  • The student will be provided a “Participation Certificate” on having an attendance of 75% and above.
  • We provide an “Internal Passing Certificate” for successfully completing our course.
  • Please note: Internal Passing Certificate cannot be used for any international purpose.