German Level A1 (Goethe) Regular

20,000.00 16,000.00

This preparatory course:

  • Prepares you to clear A1 level Exam of German Language
  • Helps you to get basics of the German language
  • Helps you to start understanding and speak the German language at a beginner’s level


German  Language Course Level A1 (Goethe) Regular

Who is this course for?

This German Language Course is for absolute beginners. Anybody and everybody who is interested in learning the German Language can join this course.


As this is an absolute beginner’s level, there is no need for any prerequisite proficiency skill in the German Language. We start from scratch. Also, you don’t need to buy any study material from the market.  We provide study material complementary with this course.


  • This is live and interactive course. During this course. You need to be connected to the internet (wifi/mobile data) all the time.
  • Our teachers run course on high-speed internet. In case of connectivity issue, we also provide recorded sessions for viewing later on.
  • This is a platform-independent course which is available on Desktop/laptop/Windows/Mac/Android phones.

 Mode of course:

This German Language Course is a time-bound live course which consists of live, interactive session with the mentor. The schedule of sessions is given well in advance.

 Course content:

  • W-questions (Wie, Wo, Woher….)
  • Personal Pronouns (ich, du, er, sie, es…)
  • Basic sentence structure
  • Definite Articles (der, die, das)
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Plural forms
  • Verbs haben and sein
  • Indefinite Articles (ein, eine, ein)
  • Negative Articles (kein, keine, kein)
  • Imperative sentences with Sie
  • Position in sentences
  • Accusative case
  • Verb with accusative
  • Prepositions: am, um, von….bis
  • Possessive pronouns (mein, dein,…)
  • Modal verbs (können, wollen, müssen)
  • Usage of Modal verbs in sentences
  • How to say dates
  • Inseparable verbs
  • Prepositions (für + accusative)
  • Personal pronouns with accusative (mich, dich…)
  • Past form of haben and sein
  • Prepositions with dativ
  • Articles with dativ
  • Possessive pronouns with accusative
  • Adjectives with sehr/zu
  • Changing Prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen with dative)
  • Present perfect tense
  • Pefect form of verbs (Partizip 2)
  • welcher/welches/welche and dieser/dieses/diese
  • Paritzip 2 of separable verbs
  • Personal pronouns with dative
  • Verbs with dative
  • Imperative sentences
  • Modal verbs (sollen, dürfen, nicht dürfen)
  • Pronoun – man
  • More W-Questions
  • Adverb of times (zuerst, dann, später, zum Schluss)

 Study material

  • Netzwerk A1 Coursebook, recommended by Goethe Institut, New Delhi
  • Netzwerk A1 Workbook, recommended by Goethe Institut, New Delhi
  • Downloadable/printable study notes and worksheets
  • Online chapter-wise practice tests on mobile App
  • Option to record and send speaking part (with further corrective suggestions by the teacher)
  • 3 One-to-one speaking sessions with the mentor. Option to book more sessions as per requirement
  • Final mock tests based on Goethe Institut Zertifikat A1 Exam Pattern

After completing this course:

After this course, you can appear for the following exams:

  • Goethe Institut Zertifikat A1
  • ÖSD A1

Internal Certificate for other purposes:

  • The student will be provided “Participation Certificate” on having the attendance of 75% and above in this German Language Course
  • We also provide “Internal Passing Certificate” on successfully completing our course
  • Please note: Internal Passing Certificate cannot be used for any international purpose.