Privacy policy of Language Scoop

Welcome to Languagescoop and thank you to show your patience to read our privacy policy. The security of personal data of our subscribers and web visitors is very important. Therefore, we save every little part of the data like golden biscuits. The concept of our website requires a highly interactive user interface without receiving your personal information we will not be able to provide you with our services and products.

Moreover, the web-relation between us needs to be protected from threats fabricated by computer technology. Our developers never miss the boat and keep an eagle eye on the data breach.

What is languageScoop?

Language scoop is an online platform which provides educational content through its website and application. It provides courses to learn foreign languages.

Why you must read our Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy is a legal agreement between you and us to protect our human rights. A consumer and a service provider both are vulnerable to the technical conflict that may occur due to the interference of third the party. However, we are 100% capable of securing you from any virtual wrongdoing. Before becoming a receiver of any web service you must go through the information in the Privacy policy section of any website.

Legal section

Our terms and policies have been formed according to the Information Technology Act, 2000, Section 43A. We proceed according to the law and follow the rules of judiciary. Your data don’t travel out of the country for any illegal commercial or private use.

When we meet.

When someone visits our website he/she does the following steps:

  • Leave a comment in the comment section
  • Register as a paid user of our services and products.
  • And pay us through a digital gateway.
  • Sign-up for newsletters and notifications via e-mail.
  • Send us queries through e-mails.
  • Call us directly.
  • You download our printable content.
  • You click commercial Ads.

Thus, by doing these steps user gives us the following information:

  • Personal Biodata
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Legal identification proofs
  • IP address
  • Bank details
  • Permanent postal address.
  • Device information or configuration.

Our team saves the user’s data and protects it from any malfunction. We maintain a strict cyber drill.

Why we need your information?  

As an internet user, you might be not aware of complex user interface system but we as service providers do not mention the word negligence in our dictionary. We track your credentials minutely. Here are some reasons why we need your personal information:

  • To provide service without any hindrance. For example to sort the confusions of name and address. We create a vertical for customer support.
  • Individual requirements vary, so we shape and reshape the content accordingly. People use different devices like mobile phones, tabs, laptop and desktops computer for long-in. We evaluate the access of your device.
  • We create a bridge between us to share the responsibilities of our interaction through newsletters. We share promotional content and endorsements to expand our business.
  • To complete the legality issued by the government of India for further security measures.

Cyber security

 Cyber security is a system that protects the electronic data, hardware and software from technical theft. Our reliability on computers is increasing day by day that’s why it could be possible to breach the walls of software to steal the valuable data. Therefore, the government act gives authority to service providers to store the information in the digital data bank.

Moreover, in this modern high-tech world cybersecurity is the biggest priority of technology firms.

Consent first

Languagescoop website and application are programmed in a special way. We do not register our user automatically through false clicks options. You have to enroll manually. Your consent leads the path of our services. Though we get some technical information automatically when you use the device, we do not violate the legal rules. We carefully manage your personal account not against the agreement.

Kindly read all the points carefully before submitting any info-form on the website.

Moreover, reaching our website through the social media platform is also monitored by our team.

Purpose of security provides online educational content. Without knowing who you are we do not open any data gateway for you.  Service providers always maintain breach free transactions of information. Growth is the reason that we follow the unbiased rule of security. Our consumer and we both strive for development and success in our assigned tasks.

Browser cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that transferred from a website to the user’s device. Browser cookies are reliable to detect and store the information of your activities. Cookies manage the credentials that you enter for logging in and when you visit the website from different social media platforms. It is a mechanism that ensures a systematic procedure of your web-visit.

For how long you be with us?

Language scoop does not hold your credentials and personal information unnecessarily. The time span of your account with us decides how long we should reserve your data. The purpose of holding your data is to improve our services. After the deactivation of your account, we save your information for three years.