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Welcome to Language scoop. Our application and website are programmed to deliver high-quality content for the learners of major foreign languages. We are a team of language teachers and tech experts. We provide affordable and smooth remote learning. Our courses are well organized and trainers teach in your native language.

So if you have decided to learn any foreign language then you are reading right and precise information. We teach French, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Backed by expert teachers our team gives firm outcomes.

French is a lucrative language. Proficiency in this language will give you a new lifestyle personal as well as professional. Learning French online is also a bit time-consuming. Do not waste time and start NOW.

Do you speak French?

You are leaving your country to find a well-paid job or get a master’s degree from any university. You will be asked this question repeatedly. French is the official language of 29 countries and lingua franca among many foreign nationals. Moreover, UAE, USA, Canada, and all European countries accept French speakers.

So, when you will be asked this question about your language ability to be ready not to answer with NO. Besides, an answer with big YES will make your conduct in foreign lands easy and learnable.

Therefore, before packing your bags ask yourself below written questions and then contact us.

  • Do I know something about the French language?
  • How do beginners prepare to learn French?
  • How will I learn French online?
  • How much time does a course take?

We will clear all your queries. Learning French for beginners is not impossible in any way.

Why French?

Many aspirants come with this popular question. Why we should learn to speak French?

French is an ancient language of the Indo-European family. Millions of native and foreign speakers use this language officially. Historically deep-rooted in the verbal veins of natives. The dominance of this dialect can be experienced in major developed countries. In today’s world, its extent is unfathomable. The all-time access to the internet can transform your social and personal life by learning a new tongue. The new generation will fetch more water from deep abundant French well.

The French language has an intellectually sound culture. A very profound nature of it is the big reason for the WHY question. From old emperors to this modern high tech refine economy French people have gained immense value in the global human world.

Therefore, your initiative of learning the French language online will pay in the long run.

How to Start?

Learning French for beginners can be easy if they follow instructions carefully. Read our other articles to get thorough knowledge of your planning and pre-planning. A good start is all you need on the path of learning the French language online.

We have sorted some instructions for you to implement before starting a French language course online.

  • Do not rush to learn. Stay focused and live a disciplined life.
  • Learn slowly and be consistent.
  • Be a loyal student and stick to one teacher.
  • Ask questions.
  • Listening and reading are passive modules
  • Writing and speaking are active modules.
  • Stay motivated and learn self-evaluation.

Comparably, learning French for the beginners is easier than the person who resumes the course after a time gap. The onset of the course will decide your future progress.

Sustainable learning

Every year thousands of aspirants learn to speak French online and enroll for the course in full enthusiasm. Unfortunately, some of them leave the course in between. They get distracted and do not cope with the difficulty level. But those who take the firm decision they apply a few basic steps for stable learning:-

  • Spend time with the language as you do with your family members.
  • Make language your second nature and do not become alien to it.
  • Learn to practice and repeat the practice frequently.
  • Do not forget learning is a never-ending process.
  • Give yourself homework.
  • Use small sentences and phrases in your daily life to raise confidence gradually.
  • Be glued to your course content otherwise, you will get dangerously confused.

Follow the above instructions for steady and complete learning.

Cell connections

Our brain has tremendous power in learning. Especially, when we learn a new language our intellectual process feeds our brain and improves its potential. Learning a language is a cognitive process. It is not a motor skill. While learning a new language you challenge your brain with different mental tasks, for example, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Moreover, other domains of the brain like memory, critical thinking, decision making, and creativity all get rubbed and improve respectively. A multilingual individual generally has strong brain cells. These strong cells give other brain benefits too:-

  • Multitasking
  • Better general intelligence
  • Grey matter volume of brain increases
  • Flexible brain.

Advantages of Online Learning

Online learning is making its place in people’s life. They have all-time internet access. Mobile applications provide instant service. Without stepping of the home they can complete the entire course. So, we want you to know the major benefits of online learning:-

Advantages of Online Learning
  • Cost-efficient
  • All-time access
  • Pause, repeat and resume
  • Adjust your learning environment
  • Learn at your own natural speed
Language Skill is a Top Skill

Every individual strives for better social and professional life. In both streams communication is a fundamental factor. Language proficiency is the essence of the social and professional conduct of life. Whether you are talking to a new neighbour or giving a presentation to top-notch executives your verbal skills will be your ultimate weapon to win and solve the argument.

Learn French language and equip yourself according to the market requirements. Organizations give special reference to multilingual candidates. Firms want well-prepared employees who save their training costs.

Therefore, plan your international career with the French language and present a profile that is ready to work in the international market.

Not enough teachers

In India English is a dominant language. It is taught and used as an official language. A person can find many private English language learning centers. Consequently, you wouldn’t find French learning centers in the same proportion. Lack of expert teachers and trainers is also a reason that students do not have enough exposure. Besides, selective learning centers are not cost-efficient for the majority of aspirants.

Learn to speak French wherever you are. Our experienced teachers will provide you with researched learning content. Do not waste time wondering here and there. Stop taking advice from people on the road. Call us and we will tell you about the language learning process.

No need to worry

Our team will always be on toes to help learners. Our counselors will answer all your queries. There are some particular circumstances that occur before starting an online language course. You do not need to worry about we will take care of them:-

  • You do not know anything about the language.
  • Your English proficiency is not up to the mark
  • Teaching methods
  • Communication barrier between you and your teacher.
  • Quantity of learning content.

Your worries are our challenges. We consistently work on your problems for permanent solutions. Enroll yourself as soon as possible this is the only thing you need to worry about. We will make a ladder for your overseas career you just need to take the first step. Your convenience is our priority.

Career Options After learning French

Right career choice is the biggest dilemma that many young aspirants face when they finish college. Well, after learning French students will get more clarity and opportunities to take a new leap in their professional life. A foreign language skill not only gives you international exposure but also provides you with different options in your own country. Therefore, after learning French dialect you can be free to choose any professional stream.

After securing a level of proficiency in the language you can earn a handsome salary in below-written streams:-

Career Options After Learning French
  • Diplomat
  • Publishing (editor)
  • Publishing (proofreader )
  • French teacher
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • International call centers
  • Tour guide

Not everyone is multilingual. As a result demand for candidates who are good communicators will increase by leaps and bounds. Organizations need a representative who will be able to express their message inappropriate language. The world is shrinking day by day all cultures are getting closer to each other. Therefore, language is the only way to learn about humans around the world.

Beware of Scams

There are thousands of aspirants who learn French online every day. The density of their population gives cunning ideas to fraudsters who promise to teach a language course in short. They promise you a span of 30 or 60 days to make you fluent in the language.

We do not give you ready to eat food. We are teachers and we believe in planned teaching. There is nothing random in our methodology. We follow the pedagogy of effective teaching. We track our learner’s performance and give suitable feedback frequently.

Disloyal trainers do not provide hard paper study material for practice. They charge more fees without telling specifications. So, be alert and vigilant before choosing an online course.

Perfections are not Perfect

According to a new trend, youngsters have started following the path of perfection. While learning French online do not strive for perfection. Please make a mistake and come out of your comfort zone. Give yourself new challenges and learn accordingly. Mastering a foreign language is a long process.

Therefore, seeking perfection will restrict you from learning. You have to learn to appreciate every possible effort. Intensive practice should be your first and last goal. Do not overthink anything. Make your learning fun by writing jokes and interesting stories. Teach someone what you have learned and made that concept permanent in your brain.

In language learning, perfection is a false trap. Stay away from the person who promises you perfection in a particular time.

How to learn any Foreign Language

Learning French for beginners can be a difficult task. Not only French learning any foreign language requires a certain amount of devotion and hard work. Here are some simple rules to follow while learning any foreign language online:-

  • Decide and start from simple goals
  • Find a language habit that you can practice every day
  • Go to public places and gathering to use the language
  • Be socially active make a network of friends
  • Polish your public speaking skills

Before learning any foreign language keep these points in practice. Learning a new tongue is a life-changing process. Language is a gateway to experience a new world. You comprehend a new culture, a new school of thought.

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