The French language has its own beauty, elegance, and attraction. If you are enamored by its ethereal beauty and want to learn the French language, then you are in the right place. Whether you want to learn French for academic or for immigration purposes, or just for the sake of its beauty, there is no better place than Language Scoop. We are indeed the best academy that offers French classes in Ludhiana. Being the most elite platform of language studies in Ludhiana, we aim at imparting the best knowledge of foreign languages, such as Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and English. Language Scoop is the ultimate destination for French learning, whether you are an intermediate or a beginner. Language Scoop will always be by your side to teach this highly euphonious language.

Best French Classes in Ludhiana Course Details:

Language Scoop believes in teaching things differently. We are capable of standing ahead of the competition because we have a completely unique approach. We always believe in simplified teaching, which helps our students to learn the French language conveniently. Following are the various categories of French courses that we teach to our bright and curious students at Language Scoop:

French Book “Apprenons Le Francais Volume 1”

Published by highly reputed Saraswati Publications, this premium French book is used as exceedingly beneficial and impactful study material by multiple schools across Ludhiana. So, if your child has this book in his or her school and has some issues related to it, we can help you out. We have a brilliant faculty that offer valuable lessons to your child in a simple and comprehensive manner. We are here to explain all the lessons of the book with ease and convenience. All the explanations and guidance will be in the form of video lectures.

French Book “Apprenons Le Francais Volume 2”

The second part of the book is indeed a tad bit difficult. In case your child is unable to understand the concepts of this book, our guidance and elaborate explanations will really help him/her out. Our teachers explain each chapter with the utmost patience and care. We are here to provide you with solutions to the exercises of the book as well. Language Scoop also conducts mock tests so that you can understand your strengths as well as weak points.

French Classes in Ludhiana for Beginners Course

If you are looking for beginners’ level French classes in Ludhiana, then without any delay, opt for Language Scoop. Our esteemed and knowledgeable faculty has designed the course structure. They are capable of clearing your doubts with perfection and precision. This beginners’ level course duration is for 45 days.

French level A1 (DELF) Regular course

If you wish to learn the French language for professional purposes, suppose for appearing in the DELF A1 certificate examination, then you are at the right place. This 65-days’ course will prepare you for the DELF examination and let you pass the examination with remarkable scores.

Why Language Scoop is the Ultimate Platform for Attending French Classes in Ludhiana?

There are so many institutions across Ludhiana that enables you to learn French. But what makes us different is our ideas, approach, ideas, vision, and practices. In Ludhiana, we are indeed the best French learning online academy.

Mock Tests

By participating in our mock tests, you will be able to assess your capabilities.

Downloadable Study Material

You need not search for study material anywhere else. We offer an easy download facility for all our study materials.

Easy Connection with a Mentor

Our dedicated mentors will be available for you in case you have Anaya doubt or query.

Video Lecture

Learning this international language gets exceedingly easy with our crystal-clear video lectures. Also, you get the option of going through the recorded lectures in case you miss out on any of the live lectures.

Join our French classes in Ludhiana today in order to learn this eloquent language easily.

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