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Students from India are flying to Europe and Canada for higher education and permanent citizenship. Flexible government policies are giving opportunities to the young generation. Aspirants from all academic streams are studying in foreign universities meanwhile they also do part-time work to manage their expenses. Therefore, they have two different kinds of exposure academic and social. Language ability is the main mode of survival in a foreign land.

Moreover, proficiency in a foreign language is necessary for professional development. Apart from English, European languages like French, Spanish, and German are widely spoken in various countries.

Best 8 Tips to Learn a New Language

Here are some essential tips, which help you to learn a new language easily;

1. The Extreme Power Of The Routine

A life coach teaches us to organize our routine. Many self-help books have been written to convey the message of a productive routine. The science of 24hours is essential to understand to become super productive.

Learning any skill requires a set routine. Language acquisition depends on your disciplined life. Alphabet, words, sentences, grammar, speaking, writing, reading, and listening to we learn all parts of language day by day. Moreover, we should always take one day at a time. Do not predict the future on the raw foundation. Suck the marrow of every single day. Do not waste time lying on the couch. Besides, maintain a daily report of your lessons and topics.

2. Do Not Just Wish, Set Proper Targets

Many well-wishers suggest you learn French, German and Spanish. They also tell about their unfulfilled desire to learn a new language. Have you ever thought about why they couldn’t become fluent in any foreign language? They just wished for it. But you have to set proper targets to achieve different levels of language learning.

The target method is the fastest way to learn a new language. Specific goals give you clarity and confidence. Achieve one goal after another and learn in a systematic order.

3. Intelligent Ears

You must be thinking about intelligent ears right. Well, this term came into existence after an experiment and according to that listening comprehension is vital to understand the sound of the language. Start learning your basics with audio lessons so that you can observe the sounds of letters.

Listen, while polishing your shoes, ironing your shirt, walking in the garden. Spend time with audio content and listen extensively. Prepare your ears to recognize the pronunciation of words. Especially, in these languages, verbs are conjugated according to gender. Thus, it is necessary to make your ears intelligent enough to grasp the language.

4. Learn About Time

Every language has its particular rules to define time. Different verb forms are used to give time references. So, Students should spend extra time to learn about the grammatical tense of language. Many aspirants face difficulties while learning about time zones. It would be better to learn through conceptual learning. First, learn the sentence structure of past-present-future with the help of single sentences. Then slowly raise the bar and compose a little story of three to four sentences.

For example, while learning Present Simple in French:

Rita is a good girl – Rita est une bonne fille

Rita works in a hospital- Rita travaille dans un hôpital.

Now combine these sentences and with the help of pronouns:

Rita is a doctor. She works in a hospital.

Rita est médecin. Elle travaille à l’hôpital.

This is the best way to learn grammar tense.

5. Take The Help of Technology

Mobile applications help you to get all-time learning. Whether you are waiting at the airport, waiting for your appointment in the doctor’s clinical you can review your learning content. Mobile applications are the primary mode of learning for young aspirants because it is difficult to find a foreign language teacher for in-person classes.

Remote learning has become easy now. People are getting immerse in new methods of teaching and learning. A mobile application is the easiest way to learn a new language.

6. Learn In a Friend Circle

Your language ability flourishes automatically when you interact with other speakers. You should create a social network to express your feelings in the language which you are learning. Conversation or dialogue is the finest way to practice a language. International students are very curious; they will share a lot of experiences and information with you. Moreover, you can visit them to study their culture and life.

We learn the language to do communication and when you learn through discussions and debate your brain gets conceptual comprehension. Therefore, for language learners, every day is a friendship day to keep on sharing their feelings.

7. Friday Fun

In India, Friday is a particular day of the week when a new movie releases in theatres. Movies are the product of entertainment and knowledge. Similarly, you can also designate Friday as a fun day. To learn a new language you should watch various entertainment and infotainment content.

Amusing content gives us happiness and a happy brain learns faster. Use your imagination and make mistakes. Write about life, funny incidents, and jokes. Learn vocabulary with the help of activities and play quiz games with your siblings. Keep a mobile dictionary follow the ritual of “Word of the day”. Enjoy your learning and learn forever.

8. Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and motivation are both different in nature and approach. Motivation sets a goal in front of us and we follow certain steps to achieve it. Therefore, you have to define your motive for language learning.

Inspiration comes from your internal mindset when you see a successful person. So, you can contact bilinguals, read blogs about their success stories, how they have overcome their fears. Their anecdotes will inspire you to start your learning journey. You can fetch some inspiration from your mentor. Learn a new language is a challenging task. I would suggest you to better start it now.

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