What is Language Scoop?

Language Scoop is a vision to teach foreign languages online in easiest possible way. It incorporates recorded as well as lectures by certified trainers with vast experience in teaching a language. It also contains animated characters to make learning a fun experience.  Exhaustive practice questions make it easier for you to revise and understand a language in a better way


What are system requirements for learning on Language Scoop?

We offer you two types of Courses.

  1. APP Only: Our specialized courses based on Course books for school students are available on Android Mobile phones only ( coming soon on Apple store )
  2. Android / Apple / PC: Our live courses are available through various platforms.

    Please check the platform availability of the course before buying it.

3. Do I need internet to learn on Language Scoop?

Yes. Our courses are entirely based on internet connectivity.  Video Lectures / live sessions / Test papers everything needs constant connectivity of the internet.

What is best age of learning a new language?

There is no age of learning. A child of 10 years as well as a person of 75 years can learn a new language. We have made courses in such a way that it suits every age group.  We provide study notes, home assignments, published books along with the course. These all can help you in learning irrespective of your age.

Do you provide any study material?

Yes we do.  Every course is crafted carefully. In the courses where a book is to be followed, we send it by courier / India post. You will also get some assignments/ study notes in the form of PDF

What is the shipping policy?

In case your course includes study material, the books/notes/support material will be dispatched within 7 business days through standard courier services/India Post and tracking ID will be sent to you via SMS on your registered number. Shipping charges will be borne by the company.

Shipping of study material within India is at no extra cost.  For shipments outside India, the customer will need to bear the shipping cost.

Can I cancel a course? What is cancellation policy ?

Yes, You can cancel your course. However, you need to cancel your course within given time to get refunds.

Cancellation within First 3 days of starting of subscribed course

If our course doesn’t meet your requirement, that’s ok. You can inform us within 3 days of starting of the course, we will give you a complete refund of the fees paid for the course. In case your course includes books/notes/support material to be dispatched, Rs 500 will be deducted from the fees and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Cancellation Within 7 days of starting of subscribed course

In case you take time to test our course from 3 to 7 days from the starting of the course and want to cancel the subscription, 50% of the course fees will be refunded to you

Cancellation After 7 days of starting of subscribed course

In case you cancel your course after 7 days of commencement of the course, no fees will be refunded.

What is refund policy?

After cancellation request is successfully processed, the refund will be initiated using same channel, which was used to pay for the course subscribed, within 15 business days.

What is return policy?

Study material once dispatched will not be returned. In the case of faulty/damaged/wrong study material delivered, we will dispatch the replacement material at no extra cost.

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We are language trainers and this is the only job we do and we do it perfectly. Established and based in Mohali (Punjab) we provide online training programs for all eager aspirants who want to taste the success across the seven seas. We are equipped with latest tutor technology to provide real-time experience. We give hard copy material to ensure your regular practice.

Moreover, our team is highly efficient and experienced. Our policies and terms are very easy and flexible. We give first preference to your requirements then respond accordingly.

Langugescoop is a digital way of learning the language. We have adapted our institutional framework as per the global standards. We have detailed all the aspects of remote learning. Counselling is our strength; we will simplify all your queries. Our experts have done extensive research; you can start with us from the very beginning. You do not need to have any basic knowledge about the language. We will hold your finger like a child and take you to the path of achievements.

Furthermore, we are professionals with firm principles. We do not tolerate any loose ends.